Thursday, July 24, 2008


I started this herb garden 2 years ago and have been adding to it and last year it looked really good. I don't know what happened but the weeds have really taken over.
Some of the weeds are 7 feet tall.

My feverfew (which should only grow 2-3 feet) grew to 5 feet. It is very leggy though. I cut all the feverfew and am going to put it in a patch by itself where it will self-sow and can grow wild. It took over a good 8 foot patch of the garden.

There are 2 other very large bushes in this garden that have expanded. One filled in a good chunk of space by runners and crowded out my hyssop and licorice plants, so those are gone to the big herb patch in the sky. The other bush grew so tall and wide, it also over shadowed some herbs and they are gone. We had hooked a tow strap to these bushes in order to pull them up and transplant them, but the bushes didn't budge and the 4" wide strap broke.

It took a couple of days to weed the garden. Most of the weeds pulled right out of the mulch, root and all. I think the mulch was full of weed seeds. I decided to move the rest of the herbs into another harb garden for safe keeping and will rorotill this garden under and start over. Don't know yet if I should move the garden away from the two bushes or set fire to them.

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