Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Every summer our small town of Benton in NE Pennsylvania has a carnival and parade. There are firetrucks from surrounding communities lining the street as far as the eye can see. I didn't count but there must have been about 20 companies in the parade this year. With sirens blasting, the mayor goes by in a sports car throwing out candy for the kids along the sidewalks. Everyone comes out to bombard the firemen with water balloons and the firemen reciprocate with their water hoses from the trucks. It almost seems like an unfair fight, but you can't even believe the amount of water balloons hitting the firemen. The kids really have a lot of fun. This year the water battle was on Aug. 2nd.

Fire trucks lined up far down the street.

Some boys getting ready for battle

This guy probably spent days stockpiling his balloons, each of these bags are filled with water balloons

College hunks looking for unsuspecting targets

Broadcasting by the local radio station

The balloons are flying! ! !

The local police is the first target and nobody passed up this opportunity to bean the cop car

Watch out for the fire hoses! ! !

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