Saturday, February 28, 2009


A friend was in and saw my Uncle Sam pieced and quilted wallhanging and wanted her sister (in-law?) who lives in Florida to see it. The sister (in-law?) decorates her home in Americana. So here, in all his glory, is Uncle Sam. Enjoy!

Friday, February 27, 2009


Bunny on a stick peeking out of the daisy patch.

Paper-pieced tulips wallhanging. Bright and colorful.

Cutest ever bunny in a box with carrot garland.



Check out the monkey!

Winding up for the throw!


Every year at about this time the BENTON JR/SR HIGH SCHOOL has a dodgeball tournament. My 2 boys are always on separate teams and It is such a competition between the two teams. This was the first year I actually went to watch. It is sooooo much fun for the kids and for the audience. I couldn't believe how much fun it was. The OFF CONSTANTLY team came into my shop to use my work table to gussy up their t-shirts. The t-shirts are white and they add graphics and nicknames, I liked CREEPER and POP-O TART alot, but they were all really creative and original. My other boys team was something about COSMIC PANDAS and they came in to cut their stencils and were going to Max's house to paint their shirts. The teams consist of 6 players and the object is to not get hit by a ball thrown by the opponent. There are 3 balls in play at all times. Its really fun when the opposing team gangs up on one boy and he has to dodge 3 balls at once. The OFF CONSTANTLY team had a gorrilla (SMURF PAPA) on their team and everyone was yelling "Kill the Monkey". What a riot!! The tournament lasts about 3 hours and we had to stay to the end because OFF CONSTANTLY beat every other team and had to beat the TEACHERS TEAM. The teachers won!


So, in February I started a PENNY SQUARES REDWORK CLUB. Here's how it works--buy the starter kit for $11.95 and then every month for the next eleven come in for a new pattern. At the end of eleven months you will have 12-5x5" stitched blocks to make into a small wall hanging. The kit includes enough muslin for 12 doubled 8x8" squares to do your stitching on and some fabic left over for a few extra squares, floss for 12 blocks, needles, and your first pattern. The next 11 patterns will be available the first week of every month and will cost $2.00 each. I have figured out the cost of 12 patterns at the reg. price of $4.00 would cost $48.00 for the year plus the cost of fabric and floss. In the CLUB, the cost for the year is $34.00 which INCLUDES the materials. Such a deal...a savings of approx. $21.00! ! You can start or stop anytime you want and also do additional projects with the patterns. I made a lavender sachet ot of one patterns and framed the angel. Very cute.

This is a picture of the first pattern and the following months includes patterns of CAT & MOUSE FRIENDS--A BEAR with a balloon--A SALTBOX with willow trees-- A CANDLE in a pan with potpourri--A TINY PENNYRUG--FLOWERS AND 6 MORE all with a heart theme.

Monday, February 9, 2009


So I must be the worst blogger in all of blogging history......I just cannot motivate myself to keep up with it on a daily basis. Or even weekly...Or even monthly. I have a shop that I run myself, and I make all my own products. It is a lot of (fun?) work....Why, just last week I made 10 lbs. of Chai tea (my own recipe that everyone loves), 3 herbal teas for medicinal purposes, I made 2 flannel baby quilts and quilted them, quilted 3 large custom made wallhangings, made a paper-pieced four leaf clover quilt square and two blocks in the Underground Railroad quilt for the Northern Columbia Quilt Guild meeting tonight, started a new PENNY SQUARES REDWORK CLUB and am now stitching the models for the patterns, did all my paperwork for income tax filing (depressing!), took down the Christmas tree (finally) and am trying do do some spring cleaning in the shop and at home. Between all of that, I drive the kids to their sports and after school activities and games, cooked for a church function Sun. afternoon And just last night, listened to my husband gripe about how I don't do anything!!!!WHEW.............