Friday, February 27, 2009



Check out the monkey!

Winding up for the throw!


Every year at about this time the BENTON JR/SR HIGH SCHOOL has a dodgeball tournament. My 2 boys are always on separate teams and It is such a competition between the two teams. This was the first year I actually went to watch. It is sooooo much fun for the kids and for the audience. I couldn't believe how much fun it was. The OFF CONSTANTLY team came into my shop to use my work table to gussy up their t-shirts. The t-shirts are white and they add graphics and nicknames, I liked CREEPER and POP-O TART alot, but they were all really creative and original. My other boys team was something about COSMIC PANDAS and they came in to cut their stencils and were going to Max's house to paint their shirts. The teams consist of 6 players and the object is to not get hit by a ball thrown by the opponent. There are 3 balls in play at all times. Its really fun when the opposing team gangs up on one boy and he has to dodge 3 balls at once. The OFF CONSTANTLY team had a gorrilla (SMURF PAPA) on their team and everyone was yelling "Kill the Monkey". What a riot!! The tournament lasts about 3 hours and we had to stay to the end because OFF CONSTANTLY beat every other team and had to beat the TEACHERS TEAM. The teachers won!

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