Monday, February 9, 2009


So I must be the worst blogger in all of blogging history......I just cannot motivate myself to keep up with it on a daily basis. Or even weekly...Or even monthly. I have a shop that I run myself, and I make all my own products. It is a lot of (fun?) work....Why, just last week I made 10 lbs. of Chai tea (my own recipe that everyone loves), 3 herbal teas for medicinal purposes, I made 2 flannel baby quilts and quilted them, quilted 3 large custom made wallhangings, made a paper-pieced four leaf clover quilt square and two blocks in the Underground Railroad quilt for the Northern Columbia Quilt Guild meeting tonight, started a new PENNY SQUARES REDWORK CLUB and am now stitching the models for the patterns, did all my paperwork for income tax filing (depressing!), took down the Christmas tree (finally) and am trying do do some spring cleaning in the shop and at home. Between all of that, I drive the kids to their sports and after school activities and games, cooked for a church function Sun. afternoon And just last night, listened to my husband gripe about how I don't do anything!!!!WHEW.............

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