Friday, February 27, 2009


So, in February I started a PENNY SQUARES REDWORK CLUB. Here's how it works--buy the starter kit for $11.95 and then every month for the next eleven come in for a new pattern. At the end of eleven months you will have 12-5x5" stitched blocks to make into a small wall hanging. The kit includes enough muslin for 12 doubled 8x8" squares to do your stitching on and some fabic left over for a few extra squares, floss for 12 blocks, needles, and your first pattern. The next 11 patterns will be available the first week of every month and will cost $2.00 each. I have figured out the cost of 12 patterns at the reg. price of $4.00 would cost $48.00 for the year plus the cost of fabric and floss. In the CLUB, the cost for the year is $34.00 which INCLUDES the materials. Such a deal...a savings of approx. $21.00! ! You can start or stop anytime you want and also do additional projects with the patterns. I made a lavender sachet ot of one patterns and framed the angel. Very cute.

This is a picture of the first pattern and the following months includes patterns of CAT & MOUSE FRIENDS--A BEAR with a balloon--A SALTBOX with willow trees-- A CANDLE in a pan with potpourri--A TINY PENNYRUG--FLOWERS AND 6 MORE all with a heart theme.

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Barbara York said...

I just found your blog and was wondering if this redwork BOM could by done by mail. I live in Amarillo, TX but would be willing to have a credit card number on file in order to be sent the monthly blocks. I really like the angel one in this post and love redwork.