Thursday, March 5, 2009


Click on the picture to get a close-up of the quilts.

I have officiaolly started to move. I have been mulling over in my mind the pros and cons of leaving town and opening my shop in the country. The pro column is about 15 items long and the con column is only 1 item (location). This is a pic of the town shop. The dilemma is that I am located behind another building and as people drive by on the main road they have no idea I am even back there. When the store in front of me is closed, no one sees my shop out back (and they close for the winter). I think I lose a lot of business with no road frontage. And my overhead is very high for this small town. The pro column at this shop is 1 item long (location, but not really a good one) and the con column is 12 items long (probably more). I have been searching for a place on Main St. for a few months now and nothing has been going in my favor. I read a book called "The Secret" last year and one of the main issues with this book is that "you make your own destiny" and "if you think it, it will happen". I really believe that and here's why: When we first moved to the little village of Derrs, the parsonage next door to us sat empty and I thought to myself "what a neat place that would be for my shop!" WELL--wouldn't you know, when I asked at church one Sunday about a month ago...."What do you think about moving my shop into the parsonage"? The response was a big YES--the only yes I have heard for months. So, I'm thinking that my thoughts from 4 yrs. ago are going to happen. I have signed a contract with the Jackson Baptist Church and will be moving into the parsonage this month. The parsonage is located only 5 miles away and a very nice drive in the country. It sits on an acre and a half with room for gardens and a greenhouse. The attached garage will make a great classroom. I teach all kinds of primitive handwork and need the room. I'm looking forward to all this new space!

These are the Summer girls. I make a life-size doll for the porch every season.

Thank you Patti from Brickhouuse Crafts for your kind comments.


Brickhouse Craft Shop said...

I am so happy to finally get to see a picture of your shop. NOW I need to see it in person and get to meet you...I wish you all the best! The country location sounds WONDERFUL! Please keep us psted on your move...sounds perfect!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to see you move but I understand the reasons. I will be comming to the new store it will be worth the 5 mile drive!!