Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Here is a before picture of my herb garden. Isn't this old fence great. It was going to be torn down and burned so I rescued it. I cut it down to about 30" and knocked out every other slat. I told my husband I wanted it to look like its been in the yard for a hundred years....He said "you don't have to worry about that!" Now it looks good with our 100+ year old farmhouse.
I always use brown eggs for dying at Eastertime. I just love the way the colors come out with the brown undertones. They look so countrified.

The shop will be shut on Sat. April 18th. My son participates every year in the "Odyssey of the Mind" competition. The group from Benton placed 1st in the regionals with 348 points out of a possible 350. They are going to the state finals this Sat. I am going so I can get pictures. Evidently everyone was very impressed with the Walrus (my son) costume, which was made by one of the girls in the group. I didn't get to go to the regionals so am going this Sat.


The Brickhouse said...

Love the fence and your garden..can't wait to see the "after picture"! What a nice view you have.
I love how your eggs look..I never thought to use brown eggs..I am going to use them next time.
I wish your son luck at the competion.
Don't be surprised if you see me and Tim at your shop one of these days! So excited to see your shop and meet you. Have a wonderful weekend.

theoldboathouse said...

Love your blog. the garden looks divine already. The bike is a wonderful touch.