Friday, April 3, 2009


I tried to put my map here but a message kept coming up--internal error-- so there's no map. I will type in the directions from different areas. And if it's raining like today, bring an umbrella, it is a bit of a hike from the parking to the shop.
From Rt. 42 and points west: In Millville take Rt. 254E about 5 miles, turn left onto Austin Trail, go approx. 5 miles, turn right at stop sign, go 1 mile, we are on the right, across the street from the Jackson Baptist Church.

From Rt. 487 and points east: south of Benton, take Rt. 254W about 5 miles, at the stop sign turn right, go 1/4 mile and turn right onto Austin Trail, go about 5 miles, turn right at the stop sign, go 1 mile, we are on the right, across the street from the Jackson Baptist Church.
From Berwick: take Rt. 93N to Orangeville, turn right onto Rt. 487N, follow directions from Rt. 487 above.

From Bloomsburg: take either Rt. 487N or 42N, follow those directions above.
From Benton: off of Rt. 487N. turn left onto Market St. follow Market St. out of town, over West Creek Bridge it is now called Distillery Hill Rd., follow Distillery Hill up the hill, at the T follow the road to the right. Keep going approx. 3 miles, cross over Green Creek Rd. and go UP the hill (not right and down and not left and backwards) UP the hill. The road now is called Derrs Rd. Go approx. 3 more miles and you will see the Jackson Baptist Church in front of you, we are on the left, approx. 5-6 miles

From Rt. 118 and points north: take 487S to just north of Benton and take a right onto Waller Rd., go a few miles and take a left onto Green Creek Rd., go 2 or 3 miles and take a right onto Piper Rd., go 2 or 3 miles and at the stop sign, we are on the left.
These are the easiest directions and once you are here you will no doubt find shortcuts to take home. As my friend Carolyn says....all roads lead to Derrs.


momsal said...

Very nice update and picture!!!

I love your new place it is worth the 5 mile drive!!!!

Glad to hear that you are finally box free!!!

Benedetta said...

I wish I lived closer to come and visit your gorgeous store!!!

Benedetta said...

what is the exact address and store hours? I might do a trip this summer to PA. Thanks!