Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Last night I brought in the last 10 or so boxes to unpack. I love this old farmhouse. It suits me. I have rearranged the quilt fabric room for the third time. I think it works now. I spent the whole day (tuesday) emptying out the garage so I could sweep and mop. I am going to divide it into an antiques room and a plant potting room. It has 11 foot ceilings and the walls are all panelled. The quilts will have plenty of hanging room. Hope to get some pictures soon so you can see.

Our new address is 353 Derrs Rd. Benton, PA 17814 (the parsonage across the street from the Jackson Baptist Church in the Village of Derrs). Please call for directions....we are only 5 miles from the old location.

New phone # is 570-458-6968. It took the phone co. 2 weeks to connect the phone.

Picked out a room upstairs for scrapbooking. Now I just need some furniture for it.

Set up the quilting machine in another upstairs room. It has a view of the parking lot so I can see arriving people.

New hours are Monday thru Saturday 12-5 and Thursday til 8 pm. Other times by chance or appointment. Closed Sunday by order of the church!

Please check the blog frequently for changes or closings and goings on. Hope to see you soon!


The Brickhouse said...

Oh..How exciting. I have been thinking of you and wondering how you are doing. I can't wait to see pictures..I need to make a trip up to see you soon. Good luck with everything.

Mountain View Barn Antiques on Route 118 , 3 miles east of Ricketts Glen State Park said...

congratulations Susan on your new venture, what a neat place a great ride to get there and fun stuff to buy. Hope to be able to stop by when time allows. It is a lovely location and a pleasure to see the rabbits in the yard(yes, my husband sitting in the van noticed little ones as well) Be aware of the telephone pole in the parking lot, oops - i backed up into the pole, very slowly, no damage!
Take a ride and you will find something. Enjoy, Gisela