Saturday, May 30, 2009


My pictures are out of order. This is a pic of the garden after the brave little piglets (shown below) came for a visit. They rooted around in the mulch and disturbed the newspaper weed blocker. What a messs......thanks little guys! This spring our pig sow had a litter of piglets and they are the cutest little guys. Look at how tiny they are compared to the mama!

I think Mama is trying to hide or maybe she's just keeping her nose warm. Look how each little piglet is a different color. At about three weeks old the piglets were getting brave and coming out of the pen. They would go exploring in the barnyard and run at every noise.

Getting ready for summer! HIP HIP HOORAY!


Judy said...
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Judy said...

Those piglets are so sweet ...and ornery too I see !! XO, Judy
(fingers on wrong keys last post!)