Monday, June 29, 2009


My friends and I would like to wish everyone a very happy and safe 4th of July. In our small town we have a bluegrass festival going on July 2-5 and it is very busy at all the restaurants and shops. I will have my shop open and won't be going to town until the evening. There is also a big fireworks show at midnight Sat. night (I think). I never find things out until the last minute. Anyways..........Happy July 4th........Long may she wave!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Here is a clever use for an old spindle bobbin. I have a lot of them all with different colors of thread wound on. I put a simple bouquet (to match the thread) in the hole in the top and wound some rusty wire around the top with a loop for hanging. For a splash of color, a strip of homespun would look cool. Isn't she sweet? I like to make my dolls versatile. I will sew the hands together and then I have a place for a seasonal ornament such as now with the bouquet of daisies or a flag or both. In the fall she will look great with a small pumpkin tucked in her arms. At Christmas, I make stick trees and she can hold one of those.
So, a couple of months ago I promised a recipe for Rhubarb Punch. Well, I made some and am offering samples in the shop this weekend. It is delicious. My significant other keeps asking for some, so I made him a batch too! I have a cupful here next to the computer as I'm working right now.
Simmer 1 to 1 1/4 cups sugar in 2 cups cold fresh water just til sugar dissolves (5 min.). Let cool and put into a large pouring container.
Simmer 2 lbs. (about 6 cups) fresh or frozen rhubarb* diced in 1/2" pieces in 4 cups cold fresh water about 10 min. covered.
Turn off the heat and let steep covered til lukewarm then strain into the large container with the sugar syrup you made earlier.
Add 5 - 6 more cups cold fresh water, refrigerate til cold---stir and ENJOY ! ! !
I garnished with fresh lemon balm and mint would be nice too! Let me know what you think!
*I have fresh rhubarb that I froze already diced in 2 lb. packs in the shop.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


This is the buckeye beauty block, but if you look close it is the jacob's ladder block x4. In most of the block patterns that I have looked at the the dark triangle is on the outside of the block---well---I liked it better on the inside of the block next to the dark 4-patch. So--what I am doing is packing the 3 colors together for each block and each pack will make two 6 1/2" jacob's ladder blocks. Each pack is also numbered so you can purchase them in order and not get any duplicates. There is also enough fabric for a scrappy border and binding. The pattern is free with your first pack purchase. And just make as many as you want, start and stop anytime. When I have enough blocks (12) made I will arrange them (3x4) into a top with the borders and binding. If I have enough people interested, I will offer a 2-3 hr. workshop on speed piecing--I can make 8 jacob's ladder blocks in about an hour.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


A selection of Christmas fat quarters.

A sampling of everyday fat quarters.

More fat quarters........hundreds to choose from.

The quilt shops in northern Columbia County in NE PA are having their first annual spring shop hop. It's called the Susquahannah Stash Dash. There are 7 shops involved and it runs from June 5-14. I am NOT involved in the shop hop so you don't need to come here with your passport, but during this time I will be having a fabric sale........fat quarters will be only $1 each, but you have to buy a minimum of 10 for that price..........Americana coordinated fabric packs will be half price.........Bolts and flat-fold fabrics will be 25% off the marked price..........20% off all quilt and doll books and patterns..........Please call if you need directions to the store 570-458-6968. There are written directions from different areas in the Apr. 03, 09 blog titled "A Nice Drive in the Country".

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


In Sept. of '08 an awesome group of four quilters formed the Northern Columbia Quilt Guild. Over the course of the last 10 months a wonderful woman, Lorraine, did a presentation and told stories about the underground railroad during the meetings. The blocks were drafted in 4 sizes by another wonderful woman named Carolyn. This is my version of the quilt. It looks a lot better in real time. I got to admire my handiwork for 1 week only because someone already bought the quilt. That would have been one I would have liked to keep, it was really beautiful and graphic because of the dark background. I made another one in pinks and browns in a different setting and size. It is on the quilt rack right now. After its done I'll get a picture and tell you THAT story.