Friday, July 17, 2009


On Sat. July 25 from 9am-10pm and Sun. July 26 from 9am-4pm the Fishing Creek Confederacy Heritage Festival will be going on in the town of Benton. There will be civil war reenactments, a theatrical production, 1860's activities, professional musicians playing civil war music and period crafts and demonstrations. I will be there to showcase herbs used during the civil war. I will gather fresh herb bouquets and display them with a card with the then and now of herbal lore. I am also bringing some books on civil war quilts with fat quarters to sell and traditional rughooking and wool for pennyrugs. Everyone will be in period costumes and I am making a working day dress for one of the leaders of the group and my costume will be a little more fancy (because I am a merchant whose husband has died in the war and I took over his business as the village druggist) with a hoop skirt and zoave jacket with undersleeves and a reticule (which is a small purse hung from the waistband) and bonnets, of course. shop will be closed on Sat. the 25 of July. Come visit at the festival.

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