Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Well........not really a crash but the next thing to it. I downloaded an ezine in April and really enjoyed the magazine and wanted to get the next issue. So I clicked on the website and when it came up something about hackers was on the screen. So.......dummy me thinks the computer forgot where it was going and I went for a second try on the website and same thing.....hackers. Needless to say........I got a virus....well, not 1 but 9 viruses. I was trying to get on Blogger and it (Blogger) would not let me in because the viruses were sending messages trying to infect more computers. Blogger sent me a note that said there was some unauthorized action going on and to protect the other users of the site I would not be allowed in. WOW! That is how I found out about the viruses because my computer was still working but everything was loading very slowly and getting slower everyday. So.......I installed an antivirus program (90 day free trial) and everything is good again. You can be sure after the 90 days I will subscribe.

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Benedetta said...

wow just beautiful! And I really LOVE your quilts!