Wednesday, November 4, 2009

OoooooooH NooooooooO!!!!!

The time has come to put away all the halloween crafty stuff.....I do like to leave out some fall decor until Thanksgiving. Then the serious Christmas decorating starts in the store. I usually put up 4 or 5 trees (small ones) because I like to display all the ornaments. I had one of the kids go into the garage attic and bring down some boxes that I didn't know the contents of and........... lo and behold.....I spotted some Santas and Snowmen that I had made and frogotten about.  Am anxious to unpack those boxes that have been in that attic since our move 4 yrs. ago. I'm heading outside to do some last minute cleaning up and putting some herbs to bed for the winter. Calling for freezing temps the next few nights.

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