Sunday, July 4, 2010

-----------HAPPY 4TH OF JULY EVERYONE-----------
Not looking forward to the 90+ degree weather here in NE PA.
Cheffie from the restaurant where I work is having a bash and we'll be going
to his place for fireworks and beer.........yum!
Here is the finished Penny Squares block of the month.
Notice the hearts in every block.
Everyone should have the twelve blocks done by now.
For those of you who haven't picked up your final blocks, I'm holding them for you still.
 I have a little bit of the red with hearts border fabric. I searched everywhere for just the right red
and had it in my shop the whole time.
You will need about 3/4 yard to do the 1" sashing and 3" borders and I will use the same
fabric for the binding. 
Finished size is approx. 25 x 31" if you trim the stitched squares to 6".
After sewing, they finish at 5 1/2".

If anyone is interested, I would like to do a Penny Squares block of the month again.
This time, instead of hearts like above, I would like to do it with stars in every block
and in blue with an Americana theme.
Please email to let me know. Here's how it works for anyone unfamiliar with this project.
I put together starter kits with background fabric, floss, needle and your first pattern with instructions.
The fabric and floss is enough to stitch all twelve blocks. The cost for the starter kits is $12.
Then, every month you will be able to buy the next pattern for $2 (reg. price is $4) at the shop.
If you live far away, I can ship, but everything would have to be prepaid by check ( I don't take cards).
This is a fun little project that can be done in your spare time anywhere. The only things extra are an embroidery hoop and small scissors.
These can also be used as ornaments or sachets for gifts, etc.