Monday, December 6, 2010


 IN the email I sent to everyone I mentioned going to my blog to look at the door prizes, but, lo and behold I could not get onto my blog account. I finally figured it out today (of course it was something stupid). I put a comma instead of a period before .net.  The open house was very well attended and it was a lot of fun. Everyone loved the food and drink (I served a Scandinavian spiced wine and lots of treats). This first door prize is 3 jars of instant tea....yummy!
 THIS door prize is a set of 4 wood ornies....too cute!
 HERE is a set of 3 Amish-made soaps (which I plan to carry in the shop), a trivet with 4 coasters and  snacks on a Christmas dish.
THIS is a rustic birdhouse and there is a super pine scented jar candle on top of it (smells wonderful) and I went to Kitchen Kettle Village and got 6 sampler jars of jam and jellies to give as a door prize.

for attending my Open House once again this year.

AND I would like to apologize to anyone who did not get my message about moving to Muncy. 
I don't know why you didn't get my moving email but did get the Open House email. 


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