Monday, December 20, 2010


Wednesday, December 8, 2010


                                Here's one of the Elf Yourself dancers from yesterdays post. CUTE! 
                                                                Hiding in the bushes.
Had some visitors into the shop today, they brought along some of that cold, white S__w.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


 I have been searching the www  for dolls similar to these
but am having no luck!
Does anybody know what they are called?
They almost look like kewpie dolls.
 I found these sweet girls in a little tub of stuff.
I think I will make Santa hats for each and if I am ambitious enough maybe a 
cute little Christmas dress.
I will put a hanger on the one (clown?) in blue and put him (?) on the tree.
Well, its noon west coast time and B from Turkey Hollow updated her picture trail, must go see.......

Monday, December 6, 2010

Elf Yourself Dancing Flash Mob Invades NYC


 IN the email I sent to everyone I mentioned going to my blog to look at the door prizes, but, lo and behold I could not get onto my blog account. I finally figured it out today (of course it was something stupid). I put a comma instead of a period before .net.  The open house was very well attended and it was a lot of fun. Everyone loved the food and drink (I served a Scandinavian spiced wine and lots of treats). This first door prize is 3 jars of instant tea....yummy!
 THIS door prize is a set of 4 wood ornies....too cute!
 HERE is a set of 3 Amish-made soaps (which I plan to carry in the shop), a trivet with 4 coasters and  snacks on a Christmas dish.
THIS is a rustic birdhouse and there is a super pine scented jar candle on top of it (smells wonderful) and I went to Kitchen Kettle Village and got 6 sampler jars of jam and jellies to give as a door prize.

for attending my Open House once again this year.

AND I would like to apologize to anyone who did not get my message about moving to Muncy. 
I don't know why you didn't get my moving email but did get the Open House email.