Tuesday, February 23, 2016

IN THE PROCESS...........

..................of the big rearrangement I found this cute bunny fabric.
Actually, I found a lot of piles of projects that I meant to do and then didn't for one reason or another.
The center of this tablerunner is a solid strip 11x42" of the cute bunny fabric.
I added a 1" light border and then a 4" matching dark outer border.
Because there is no piecing of blocks it went together fairly quickly.
I immediately put it on the longarm system. The border is simple arches and the center I stitched with diagonal lines 1" apart all the way across.
The back is the same striped fabric as the inner border on the front.
I then binded it in the same green as the wider border.
I almost always bind in a darker color than the last border or the same fabric.
So.................here it is on my table.
I don't do cute and my table is round and small so it doesn't fit.
The size is approximately 19x50".
It will go into the shop in time for the Spring Open House later in April.

Happy Quilting everyone!

Monday, February 22, 2016

ONE DAY LAST WEEK.............

..............was spent tidying up the quilting loft.
All the furniture was lined up in rows and was not efficient.
I had to walk around the sewing table to get to the cutting table and there wasn't
room to walk in the aisles and I had to stand sideways to pick and choose fabrics.
The picture above is the before.
The picture below is the after. I love it!!!
Look at all the space in the center.
This space is about 15x20 feet.
To the left is a 3x5 cutting table which sits on top of counter height shelf units.
These units hold my stash, which is stacked by color.
Straight ahead is my 30" by 8 foot sewing table, lots of room to lay out blocks etc.
right in front of the sewing table is a design wall and there are currently
two applique quilts hanging there waiting for borders.
To the left between the two tables is the ironing board.
Beyond the ironing board is a half wall to the kitchen and right over that half wall is the sink so I can reach over to fill my iron without having to leave the ironing station.
On the right side of the room is my longarm system.
And another design wall beyond the longarm.

Underneath the longarm system are baskets organized by color and they hold scraps.

This is a little cubby space with more shelf unit with more fabric stash.
I have a shoe rack on the back of the door for thread storage.
The door goes down the back stairs into the shop.

Another cubby space on the other side of the stairs and that's where I have batting rolls.

Shelf units under the cutting table holding green, red and blue fabrics.
Well............there you have it.
My happy place.
Since I rearranged I have finished two client quilts......
two tablerunners.........
loaded another client quilt on the longarm system.........
designed the layout for a butterscotch hued queen quilt top........
cut fat quarters for the shop........
and about twelve other things on the to-do list.
Whew..........I'm tired!!!

Happy Quilting everyone!

Monday, February 15, 2016

An ORIGINAL 1920'S QUILT............

........on the longarm system today.

 The blocks are in really bad shape.
I had to go over them and trim off all the torn patches and it was most of some of the blocks.
I had to trim around the hand quilting that was already done.
The quilting is like 5 stitches to an inch.
see picture below too.........

This is the back.
It is pieced with original feedsacks and they are in really good shape.
No tears or worn sections at all.

My client got this quilt from a family member so it has sentimental value to her and she wants to use the quilt for display so my solution was to cover the very worn out front
with backing and use the original back as the front.
Does that make sense?

Since the quilt was already layered and quilted (and heavy) I did not use batting when I added the new backing.
I rolled the new backing on the longarm and put the worn pieced side of the quilt face-down  and proceeded to "quilt" (see above picture).
Every 6" I quilted a little half flower across the width and then rolled down 6"
 and quilted another row.
The original maker used two tablecloths for the batting.
So my quilt sandwich consisted of
new backing
pieced blocks
original feedsack pieced backing
and my machine handled it like the queen that she is!

My next project is also an original early 1900's quilt top from a client
who inherited it from a family member.
This one is just the top so I will be able to have some fun with it.

Until next time...........



First...see the lace around the edge....that had to come off!
There is no batting in the layers but there is a pieced top and a backing.
It was hand quilted with a big stitch just enough to hold the layers together.
A label on the back identified the maker as Peggy F_____.
I don't want to put her full name in case she doesn't want her name on the net.
Also....there are places that are stiff where I believe a spray adhesive was used.
Which led me to think it was never washed.
This is the before.............
 ..................and after the longarm magic.
See how it hangs funny on the left side? Well....when I loaded the quilt on my longarm system, I make sure it is straight across the top.
So I'm going along, happily quilting and rolling, quilting and rolling....
I get to the bottom of the quilt and it is a good two inches or more longer on the left side....WHAT????
Do I leave it or do I trim it?
I decided to leave it.....trimming it would have made the border look awkward...6" on one side and then tapering down to 3" on the other.
I don't know....what would you have done?
 A little detail.
This was hard to quilt because there seemed to be too much fabric.
Maybe that's why the one side was too long.
I had to work in the extra so my plan to do geometric ruler work wouldn't look that good.
 Some more detail.
I used cotton batting and another backing because I wasn't going to spend the time to remove the hand quilting. My longarm handled it beautifully. Even thru the stiff adhesive
And the back...
Love the texture.
I hope my client loves it.
What a difference.

I have already loaded another quilt on the longarm from the same client.
This is one she inherited and its from the early 1900's and it shows.
So until next time...........


Wednesday, February 3, 2016


My 19 year old project...........
I finally
finished the hand applique of the blocks.
If I remember correctly there are 18 sections to this quilt
by Jan Patek and Linda Brannock.
The neatest thing about these BOM patterns is that there is an alternate
project with extra pattern pieces.
I have a couple of these complete sets of patterns for sale in my shop.
I know they are "old" but so perfect for primitive quilting.
I also have an awesome selection of homespun fat quarters.

This is a Lonestar baby girl quilt.
It is a client quilt I just finished and took off the longarm system.
I don't know why, but most of my clients give me their precious quilts and let me choose
quilting designs and thread colors.
That's the hardest part because you don't know what they might like or not like.
What do you possibly say to someone who says they aren't pleased with what you did.
It hasn't happened to me and I hope it never does.....
but....never say never.
I have another one to put on and quilt.
And, again, this client says "you choose. I trust you".
Off to my quilting loft..............