Monday, February 15, 2016

An ORIGINAL 1920'S QUILT............

........on the longarm system today.

 The blocks are in really bad shape.
I had to go over them and trim off all the torn patches and it was most of some of the blocks.
I had to trim around the hand quilting that was already done.
The quilting is like 5 stitches to an inch.
see picture below too.........

This is the back.
It is pieced with original feedsacks and they are in really good shape.
No tears or worn sections at all.

My client got this quilt from a family member so it has sentimental value to her and she wants to use the quilt for display so my solution was to cover the very worn out front
with backing and use the original back as the front.
Does that make sense?

Since the quilt was already layered and quilted (and heavy) I did not use batting when I added the new backing.
I rolled the new backing on the longarm and put the worn pieced side of the quilt face-down  and proceeded to "quilt" (see above picture).
Every 6" I quilted a little half flower across the width and then rolled down 6"
 and quilted another row.
The original maker used two tablecloths for the batting.
So my quilt sandwich consisted of
new backing
pieced blocks
original feedsack pieced backing
and my machine handled it like the queen that she is!

My next project is also an original early 1900's quilt top from a client
who inherited it from a family member.
This one is just the top so I will be able to have some fun with it.

Until next time...........


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