Tuesday, February 23, 2016

IN THE PROCESS...........

..................of the big rearrangement I found this cute bunny fabric.
Actually, I found a lot of piles of projects that I meant to do and then didn't for one reason or another.
The center of this tablerunner is a solid strip 11x42" of the cute bunny fabric.
I added a 1" light border and then a 4" matching dark outer border.
Because there is no piecing of blocks it went together fairly quickly.
I immediately put it on the longarm system. The border is simple arches and the center I stitched with diagonal lines 1" apart all the way across.
The back is the same striped fabric as the inner border on the front.
I then binded it in the same green as the wider border.
I almost always bind in a darker color than the last border or the same fabric.
So.................here it is on my table.
I don't do cute and my table is round and small so it doesn't fit.
The size is approximately 19x50".
It will go into the shop in time for the Spring Open House later in April.

Happy Quilting everyone!

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