Monday, February 22, 2016

ONE DAY LAST WEEK.............

..............was spent tidying up the quilting loft.
All the furniture was lined up in rows and was not efficient.
I had to walk around the sewing table to get to the cutting table and there wasn't
room to walk in the aisles and I had to stand sideways to pick and choose fabrics.
The picture above is the before.
The picture below is the after. I love it!!!
Look at all the space in the center.
This space is about 15x20 feet.
To the left is a 3x5 cutting table which sits on top of counter height shelf units.
These units hold my stash, which is stacked by color.
Straight ahead is my 30" by 8 foot sewing table, lots of room to lay out blocks etc.
right in front of the sewing table is a design wall and there are currently
two applique quilts hanging there waiting for borders.
To the left between the two tables is the ironing board.
Beyond the ironing board is a half wall to the kitchen and right over that half wall is the sink so I can reach over to fill my iron without having to leave the ironing station.
On the right side of the room is my longarm system.
And another design wall beyond the longarm.

Underneath the longarm system are baskets organized by color and they hold scraps.

This is a little cubby space with more shelf unit with more fabric stash.
I have a shoe rack on the back of the door for thread storage.
The door goes down the back stairs into the shop.

Another cubby space on the other side of the stairs and that's where I have batting rolls.

Shelf units under the cutting table holding green, red and blue fabrics.
Well............there you have it.
My happy place.
Since I rearranged I have finished two client quilts......
two tablerunners.........
loaded another client quilt on the longarm system.........
designed the layout for a butterscotch hued queen quilt top........
cut fat quarters for the shop........
and about twelve other things on the to-do list.
Whew..........I'm tired!!!

Happy Quilting everyone!

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