Monday, February 15, 2016


First...see the lace around the edge....that had to come off!
There is no batting in the layers but there is a pieced top and a backing.
It was hand quilted with a big stitch just enough to hold the layers together.
A label on the back identified the maker as Peggy F_____.
I don't want to put her full name in case she doesn't want her name on the net.
Also....there are places that are stiff where I believe a spray adhesive was used.
Which led me to think it was never washed.
This is the before.............
 ..................and after the longarm magic.
See how it hangs funny on the left side? Well....when I loaded the quilt on my longarm system, I make sure it is straight across the top.
So I'm going along, happily quilting and rolling, quilting and rolling....
I get to the bottom of the quilt and it is a good two inches or more longer on the left side....WHAT????
Do I leave it or do I trim it?
I decided to leave it.....trimming it would have made the border look awkward...6" on one side and then tapering down to 3" on the other.
I don't know....what would you have done?
 A little detail.
This was hard to quilt because there seemed to be too much fabric.
Maybe that's why the one side was too long.
I had to work in the extra so my plan to do geometric ruler work wouldn't look that good.
 Some more detail.
I used cotton batting and another backing because I wasn't going to spend the time to remove the hand quilting. My longarm handled it beautifully. Even thru the stiff adhesive
And the back...
Love the texture.
I hope my client loves it.
What a difference.

I have already loaded another quilt on the longarm from the same client.
This is one she inherited and its from the early 1900's and it shows.
So until next time...........


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