Monday, March 7, 2016


The front of the quilt is very busy so the pattern does show very well.
The back shows the quilting pattern better.
How about that zig zag border?
The top and bottom borders were straight.
It was not fun to bind the zig zags.
I had never done it before so I found a webpage that went into detail about the process.
Not as hard as it looks, it did take a good 2 hours though.
                        I outlined each offset block and then did swirl in each "arm" of the block.
I found a reproduction fabric in the color that the client requested.
A lot of the fabrics were too cutesy with ducks and bunnies but didn't fit with the overall look of the quilt. This fabric was perfect.
I like to document the journey of a quilt if I have information about it.
My client had the information I needed so I did this awesome label on the computer.
It documents the recipients through the years and in small print
I put  my information on the bottom because, of course, they didn't do longarm quilting that long ago.

And onto my next client quilt. A very simple rail fence.
the piecing on this is perfect and each "rail" is exactly the same size.
If you've ever done a quilt where the blocks vary by 1/2 to 1".....
Throws off the ruler work math terribly.......

Happy Quiltmaking everyone!

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