Friday, June 24, 2016

SOME PICS OF THE SHOP.............

in Benton, PA.
Better grab some coffee....this is picture overload.

The herb wall.....about 175 jars of wild-crafted medicinal herbs.
I use these to make my herb blends.

Amber bottles used to store herb tinctures.

This is the kitchen and culinary herb and spice corner.
My herbs and spices are half the cost of buying them in the grocery store.

A close-up of some of my herbal blends

and some books to help you on your herbal journey.

That is only a small portion of the inventory in the shop.
Here are some pics of the quilt and stitching side of things.

Quilts on the walls.
Lots of seasonal quilt patterns and books.

Fat quarters and coordinated fabric packs
Some civil war quilt patterns.

 Fall and Christmas fabrics and applique pattern books.

Lots of bright wool pieces for penny rugs and rughooking.

I like the look of the traditional brown and black wools that were used in the old days. 

Sorry about the picture overload.

 I have a selection of perle cotton and floss to match the wools.

This wool pumpkin wagon was adapted from a "Country Threads" pattern.

I also have a lot of seasonal doll patterns.

Thanks for taking the time to peek into my shop.

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